Sunday, February 11, 2007

Funshine Bear...

Two years ago today Shymmer died. Two years ago on Valentine's Day I got on a stage and spoke about him at Equality Maryland's rally, and about all the other queer kids who face the same discrimination, bigotry, hatefulness that he faced.

I miss him, achingly much. Thinking about his death makes me angry -- at the people who mistreated him, yes, but at myself, too, because I'm not doing anything anymore; my life has fallen to pieces and I'm certainly not doing anything good or worthwhile. And as long as people to continue sitting around not doing anything worthwhile, all the discrimination and bigotry and hatefulness will continue.

And I'm just not sure these days what, if anything, I can even do to make even the tiniest difference.

(and I miss him.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maya,

You might not remember me, but I had the good fortune to meet you a few years back, and you left a lasting impression on me, I found you exceptional. Particularly your courage, and your integrity. One is the price of the other, and from what I have seen in those close to me, it is not easy.
I was very sad, and quite shocked, to hear about the death of your friend Shymmer. I read about it online, I had no idea.
Anyway I just wanted to tell you I admire what you did, and what you have been doing. I'm very glad you're attending Brown- the world's working on some level.
I wish you all the best for your years at uni, and continue to make things different for the better. What else are we, if not our choices.
with much love
(From St Andrews)

12:00 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

You're wrong Maya; you ARE doing a lot to counter the kind of discrimination that Shimmer confronted. You're doing that everyday when you meet someone new and every time you do any work related to nyac and all the other orgs you're involved with.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous jbyrd130 said...


Feeling burned out on the progressive struggle can suck bigtime. The best I can tell you is to do what you need to do personally to push on, and know that you're not alone.

take care of yourself,


1:45 AM  
Blogger Mol said...

Sam! I remember you. I lost your email :( Next time I'm in the UK I'll have to look you up.

2:51 PM  

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