Saturday, September 30, 2006

September is ending already?

I hate being poor. I hate that $2.50 to do my laundry is -- literally -- too much to afford (I have $2.48 to my name.)

I am glad that, living in the dorms, on meal plan, I have shelter now and more food than I could ever eat.

I hate that, come winter, I will likely be homeless once more, because the next semester is too much to afford (laundry too much to afford; tuition that much moreso!)

I am enjoying my classes an incredible amount, and strangely happy in the amount of work I am buried under.

I am sad that these classes may well be the only I ever take.

I am happy because I am now a Eucharistic Minister for the Brown-RISD Catholic community, and it is good to have something to remind me to remember God in my daily life, because under the weight of so much school-work and work-work and volunteer-work sometimes, it is so easy to forget Him.

I am sad, because, there are times that I give in to despair and get angry with God, and really believe that He has abandoned me. And I should not listen to those feelings.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Over $350 for books alone... and that's only with the classes I'm sure of. No idea what it'll be after shopping period's over.


One CS book alone is $80 -- thank goodness I am not taking something like Economics. One of their books is $130. Yikes.