Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I lied.

About updating last night, post-speech. I didn't update again last night. I did other things: wander up and down Commonwealth Avenue, buy potato chips and cheeseless pizza, stare out of the window of my hotel room at nothing much, fall asleep next to my ex-boyfriend's very drunk husband. But I didn't update.

The talk went alright, I think. The kids were nice. I was nervous, but semi-coherent. I got through it. There isn't a whole lot more to say, I guess.

It's hard to talk about Shymmer and Remyremy and all that. Too many memories.

Today, I had lunch with one of the other Point scholars who I love, and then wandered around Cambridge with Dex. Spent more money than I should have (ANY money is more than I should) at Newbury Comics, but how could I pass up a used copy of Gothika for $3.99, or the first TMNT movie?

We were going to go see Brokeback Mountain, or maybe V for Vendetta; but instead we went back to my hotel room, ate more salt & vinegar chips, and watched movies with horrible tinny laptop-speaker sound: Gothika, The Time Machine. I watched them with my head on his chest, homesick, wishing these moments with my Anjuls weren't so rare, these days.

If the check for this speech comes any time soon, I can pay bills. Pay rent. Maybe even eat. That will be exciting.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

boston, boston, boston

... that's where I am, today. Last time I checked, this speech was a long way away. And then today I woke up in a hotel in Boston and the speech was today. I'm nervous. I'm leaving in 9 minutes to go speak and as of right now, I haven't much idea what I'm going to say. I'll have to ad lib. For 45 minutes.

I'll update later tonight and let you all know how it went.