Sunday, June 10, 2007


It's a good thing. Sometimes a necessary thing! I'm going to be travelling for a bit. Atlanta for the US Social Forum, among other places.

The past little while I have been really, really super annoyed that when I was home before my father stole my multitool and knives, because I have a two and a half mile walk to work every day, and on my way there I walk it in the dark, and it feels odd having no protection on me. And the multitool was just a SUPER DELICIOUS YUMMY Leatherman (this one to be exact) and they make awesome multitools and there have been so many countless times when doing something or other I have need for one of the tools on it and then am like OH YEAH I don't HAVE it anymore and really it is too expensive (and so were the knives) to be replaced -- seriously, well over $300 worth of equipment all told.

I was just thinking about it because I really want pliers right now. Argh.